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Shekak Lake Adventure

On Sunday August 4th we woke up at 5:00 am and started loading up the truck. My grandma, Jazzy, Levi, Mom, Dad, Megan, Camryn, and Dakota all came with us to White River Air, to go on a 7 night fishing adventure. It was a 2 hour drive to get to White River. When we got their we loaded up the plane. It was only about a 12 minute flight. The flight was really smooth, and there were good views of other lakes.

This is my 3rd trip to Shekak Lake. The lake is 4 miles long x 1 mile wide, it is a shallow lake that goes up to 20 feet deep and is sandy & weedy.

The cabin is built of logs. It has 4 bedrooms with 12 beds. There are 2 bathrooms and 1 outhouse.

Outside the cabin, there is a lot of space to play, there are 2 docks, a fish cleaning station and 6 boats.

Around the cabin, there was a lot of wildlife. I had fun catching toads, caterpillars, snakes, frogs and grass hoppers. We seen lots of loons, ducks, eagles, and other birds.

Some fun things we did around our camp;

- we caught pike off of the dock. The pike put up a good fight, Megan was a good helper with netting the pike. About every 4 casts you got a pike.

- Building shelters. Me and my sister collected sticks in the forest and built a shelter.

- We went swimming, the water was deep off of the dock. We had fun floating around in the tube.

- Dakota found a perfect fetch stick that she used the whole trip. She loves to play fetch.

- We played badminton, it was me and Jazz vs Levi and Camryn. We didn't keep score.

- We played lots of games, like Monopoly Deal, Cranium, and Queen of Spades.

- Camp food was great, my favourite was the fish fry.

- We also had a few camp fires and ate lots of s'mores.

Now for my favourite part of the trip... The FISHING!

The fishing was good lots of keepers and nice walleye too. The walleye put up a good fight

and so did the pike. We went fishing every day. It was good. We did our best fishing from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Which is odd because usually walleye fishing is good early in the morning and night. I even got some lessons on driving the boat, and trolling for walleye. I found some good hot spots for my family to fish at.

One of the days we went on a short hike to a smaller lake near by. Near the lake there was a canoe and a boat, but only 2 paddles. My mom, dad and I went in the canoe, and Jasmine, Mema, and Megan were in the boat being towed behind. I caught the only fish in that lake and it was a small pike.

I also got the chance to clean my first walleye. It was pretty cool. Cleaning walleye is harder then it looks. Mom makes it look really easy.

And the moment you have all been waiting for!! The Walleye 2 v 2 Challenge. I was on a team with Mema, and Jazzy and Megan were on a team. The rules are simple we had 2 hours to catch as many walleye as possible, whoever catches the most wins, and whoever catches the least loses and gets a fishy bucket of water dumped on their heads!!

Thank you so much White River Air, for bringing us to Shekak for our amazing adventure!

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