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Northern Woods Lodge Weekend Adventure

On July 26th, early in the morning, we loaded up the truck and headed down to Northern Woods Lodge, located on Long Lake.

The drive was about 40 minutes from Terrace Bay on the Mill Rd. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Jim, and he showed us around, there were lots of cabins, and lots of boats.

In the main lodge it was really big, and really nice, with lots of really cool things to look at. Like a bear, deer, moose, birds, fish, and really nice pictures.

Our cabin was homey, really nice, clean, and comfortable. I even got my own room, with two beds! We learned that we didn't need to really pack much, except for food, clothes, fishing tackle and rods. Everything else was there for us to use.

While Megan and I were exploring outside, we found some toads, and played with them for a while. We watched one of them eat a grass hopper.

We learned a bit about bear baiting and got to see a ginormous popcorn machine, that makes lots and lots and LOTS of popcorn! (I didn't get a picture of the popcorn machine, maybe next time)

The water was very warm, perfect for swimming. I had fun jumping off of the dock. Dakota had fun, fetching sticks, and Megan had fun, once she got the courage to get in the tube.

The boating was great, with amazing views. We got to see some beavers, loons, and a moose.

My favourite part of the trip was the fishing! We caught lots of fish. Jim was a great guide.

The walleye, were fun to catch, everyone caught some. My dad caught the tiniest one and I caught the biggest one!!

I caught my personal best walleye this trip. It was 28" long. I didn't have my scale with me to measure the weight. It was an amazing fight, he stayed down long, but I tired him out with my big muscles lol, and got him into the boat. My dad netted him and he barely fit into the net. It was so exciting!!

The pike fishing was fun, the water was so clear, that you could see the pike swim up and take your lure.

Megan got her lure snagged in a log, she didn't want to lose it, so I decided it was best to swim down to get it. It was a hot day, and I really wanted to go swimming anyway.

Here is a cute video of the "Fish Kisser"/"Pike Slayer" bringing in her pike.

A huge thank you to Pierre, Jim and Lana. The lodge, cabins, and boats were in excellent condition. We had a great time. Extra thank you to Jim for all of the work and effort that you did to make our stay so wonderful.

We are so excited to come back again soon.

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