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Adventure to the Slate Islands

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

On a warm, sunny, Saturday morning, we went on an adventure to the Slate Islands. First, we loaded up the boat with all the things we will need to camp out for one night.

Once we were ready to go, we headed down to the boat launch. While we were there Megan seen some minnows swimming, so we decided to try and catch some with the butterfly net.

This time we decided to camp at Mcgreevy Harbour. It is a nice wooded area with a newly built emergency shelter, it also has 2 outhouses and lots of trails. Once we were there we unloaded the boat, set up camp and had lunch. Megan and I spotted a few sucker fish swimming around the dock.

Later in the afternoon we went back in the boat to explore the islands, and we were fishing along the way. Our catch of the day was a 10lb laketrout.

In the evening My dad and I went to fish off of the boat, while Megan and Mom got the fire ready. We had an early night so that we could wake up to see the stars. We set our alarm for 12:30am and the stars were amazing, we even got to see some shooting stars.

The next morning we had breakfast, and went fishing. We tried a few new spots and did pretty good.

When we got back to camp Megan and I went swimming, while mom and dad made a fire for a hot dog lunch. Once we were finished eating, and swimming, we packed up to head back home. It was a great camping adventure..

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