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Evan's Fishing Edge is a family owned and operated boat charter, located in Terrace Bay, Ontario. Our charter service goes from Jackfish to Pays Plat. We offer guided fishing, tours of the surrounding islands, shuttle services, and camping packages.

We have been fishing and camping pretty much our whole lives, our children have been fishing, hunting and camping since they were born. We always enjoy bringing friends and family out fishing, and  It has always been a dream of ours to own a fishing charter business.


In 2014 we moved to Terrace Bay, Ontario, and absolutely fell in love with the area. We spent almost all of our off time fishing and decided to follow our dreams and open up a fishing charter business, named after our son Evan.

Although we are new to Terrace Bay, we have spent a great deal of time out on Lake Superior, and know the area very well, thanks to friends who have been here their whole lives.

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